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Giving vulnerable young people aged 7-18 the love, safety and support to grow up healthy, happy and capable.

An outstanding care provider with a big heart

Recognised by Ofsted as an outstanding provider – the highest award possible – Evoke Care sets the standard for residential childcare.
Specialist training lets our team replicate the parent-child relationship that’s so crucial to a child’s development and wellbeing – while maintaining the appropriate boundaries.
Every young person receives the unconditional love they deserve, the praise and encouragement they need to grow, and a set of standards that enables them to thrive. All in the safety and comfort of a warm, welcoming home.

Children are extremely happy and very well supported […]  They form close and trusting relationships with staff. One child said, ‘I love my house, and the best thing here is that I have fun.

We actually care

It’s because we actually care…

From day one, we listen. And from there we design a care package that meets each young person’s specific needs. We match them up with their own key workers and, if required, a therapeutic approach to help heal previous pain, gain control of their emotions and connect with their feelings.

Our small, highly-trained teams mean children see the same carers every day. That’s important. They get to know each other. They form long-lasting attachments built on trust and respect. And because we know how to manage the whole spectrum of behaviours, no matter how challenging, no child faces judgement for their actions, such as angry outbursts or swearing. Instead, therapeutic responses calm them, comfort them and encourage positive behaviour.

Changing the course of their lives

Children who enter care may not have had the best start in life. But that doesn’t have to define their future. Through Evoke Care, they change the direction of their lives. And when the time comes, they can step out of care equipped with the skills to create opportunities for lasting, loving relationships and productive, prosperous careers.

Through our therapeutic care, they grow up to become responsible members of the community who understand the importance of contributing to society. And that means a better world for us all.

Changing course of life

Our Services

Residential Care

A home-from-home experience, giving children a nurturing environment that supports their development and wellbeing. With love at the centre of everything, every child receives the care and attention needed to feel comfortable. Over time, they grow into confident young adults who easily connect with others – an essential ingredient for a positive future.

Semi-independent Accommodation

Supporting the journey from childhood to adulthood, our team are on hand 24/7 to help young adults find their way in the world. Our specialist teams assist with daily tasks while they get into a healthy routine, plus we teach them how to budget their finances so they have some money tucked away for emergencies.


When people over the age of 18 leave our residential care homes, we make sure they can easily find a new place to call home by partnering with landlords in the local area so they can get a good start on the housing market.

Foster Care

We work closely with local authorities to find suitable foster carers for the children and young people in our care. We also prepare children to live with their new families and offer ongoing support to the carers to make sure the experience is the best it can be for everyone involved.

On-demand Services

Partnering with local authorities to deliver services such as transportation, tutors, physicians, pastoral services and more. When you need us, we’ll be there.


Our team of in-house therapists and counsellors help children overcome their biggest emotional challenges, so past hurts don’t prevent them from living happy, productive lives. Healing trauma is essential to move beyond the terror and isolation of traumatic experiences so that children can experience a new sense of safety and purpose


Make your care home the best it can be. As an outstanding care provider, we share our insights and offer advice to help you improve your quality of care and business management skills. Ideal for local authorities, third-party organisations, charities, trusts and anyone who wants to improve the well-being of future generations.

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We can provide same-day emergency placements for vulnerable young people.
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